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Image by Kseniya Lapteva


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Anna grew up with a passion for art. Inspired by Michaelangelo and Botticelli, from a young age, she always had a pencil and paper in hand. In high school, she discovered another passion, the classics. Her favorites included Dante, Shakespeare, and Austen. Intersecting these passions— Anna headed for Florence, Italy. After spending a year immersed in the culture, Covid hit.

During lockdown, Anna discovered her true calling, writing. She had a story to tell. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a young adult, Anna spent years learning how to cope. She also developed her purpose; fighting the stigma of mental illness. In her writing, she created a main character with bipolar disorder hoping to increase mental health awareness, educate readers and express to individuals with mental illness that they’re not alone.

Anna continues to broaden mental health awareness by being a guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota.

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